[❥] News

Check it out - first blog post for April 2016!!!! Yup, I am proud of myself too!!!!

[❥] Review Policy

†❥ Important ❥†

I will gladly blog your
• clothes
• hair
• skin/shape
• tattoos
• footware
• jewerly
• poses
at my own choice. Please don't get upset with me if I didn't blog your items. It depends how I feel & by my taste. If you are willing to meet me half way then at the end, everyone is happeh 😋.

There will be times I won't be able to blog right than (RL), everyone has one & it does take us from posting †.

Please bare with me.

Please send me your items that you would like me to blog.

† Instructions †

To send me your items, do the following:

• Put your avatar name on the folder

• Put Store name on the folder

• Put the name of said item(s) on the folder as well plz

When you have done this, send the folder to me in-world.

My name is Envy Yuhara